New innovation: Broadband modem with fan

Published March 25, 2008

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I pissed off a while ago when I always got disconnected from my ISP. Which I found out that my broadband modem is too hot. Then, out of nowhere, an idea snapped in my brain. What if I put my broadband modem on top of a fan. The fan is connected to the PC since I manually removed it because it made a whirrrr sound. I removed it only to find out that it was a fake. I never bother installing it again since it may produce another whirrr sound.

So, like it just snapped from my brain to put the broadband modem on top of the fan. I never tested this idea neither Googled it and I gave it a shot. I waited patiently. To my avail, it indeed worked. And thanks to my “ultra” long line cable which I could put my broadband modem in the kitchen. I hope this could lessen the heat inside the broadband modem and get the connection moving.

I almost forgot, summer is fast approaching and I’ll be battling my neighborhood’s internet connection for a chance to keep my connection alive. Good luck to me.

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