Published March 24, 2008

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I apologize for being inconsistent in posting/updating this blog site. The moment I wake up, I turn on the computer and play HyoRO. Sometimes, I spend too much time in HyoRO and I can’t visit my websites. The greatest factor that I suffered was a decrease in my drop rate in Entrecard.

Entrecard is the best advertiser/card dropper that I like the most because you can freely drop your card on any site that has an Entrecard badge. You make yourself available to those Entrecard users. When you buy an advertising spot in Entrecard, you will be exposed to the owner’s network and eventually, gain more traffic. Everyday, as I check my Google Analytics page, I would be satisfied that more people visit my blog. It will take a while since this site will be 1 month old.

Right now, I’m trying to balance myself with playing HyoRO and focusing on my blog. I literally forgotten that I do have a job here. To update and update till I drop.

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