Why blogging is so addictive

Published February 12, 2008

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Why is it so addictive? Almost everyday I’m updating my blog. But why? Is it the chance you can express your feelings that real people can’t understand you? The way you can practice freedom of speech? For me, it’s just practicing my grammar and composition and at the same time, freedom of speech.

My first blog was at Xanga. I can trace why at first I’m addicted to blog. The way people put comments to my post. My friends that is. Then, I shut down my Xanga site because it’s full of crap and trash. I don’t know where I can delete my posts. I tried to go back to Xanga but to no avail. All my classmates and friends no longer writes or updates their Xanga sites. Either they are busy or they don’t blog that much. Then my classmate in college invited my to use Gmail. Gmail was an invite only mail provider then before they actually implemented it to the public. So when I signed up, I explored the world of Gmail and Google. Then I was surprised when Google actually has a blog named blogger. I signed up on blogger and began to write some posts. That ranged from hatred to updates to news flash got from other sites (with credits to the author) and confessions. After a while, I signed up to Wordpress and here I am blogging my way.

Maintaining a 150-300 word post is no easy task. My dilemma is how can I start my post and end up with a 150 or more words. Concentration is a factor indeed since I can’t think when there’s distractions or when my mom or grandmother gives chores to me. When I came back, I need to go back to what I’ve wrote in the beginning just to remember my idea.

So, blogging is not an easy task. It takes days just to keep you going. Persevere and focus on your work. That’s the only thing I can give to you.

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