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Published February 6, 2008

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Three weeks to go and it’s gonna be bye bye to the old forum. I signed up previously to, a free forum host. It was my friend’s idea to sign up there. I did work for the forum for 3 days. Some polishing stuff. But at least, I got it going. There were ups and downs on that forum. The criticisms, the post and the way Google updates for the search engines. But sadly, I wasn’t satisfied. Why? It’s because it lacks a lot of mods. I mean, I did vote for a particular mod to be included on the forum by they didn’t include it. I don’t know why. Maybe because they too lazy to include the mods. Then I used Google to look for more php based forums. There are a lot actually. Some offered phpbb3 type of forums while some still stuck at phpbb2. For a long gamble and decision, I stumbled upon What is special about There were no mods actually since it was phpbb3 based forum. You dictate the way your forum will look to the public. No skins to pick, no annoying stuffs unlike phpbb2. Actually, phpbb3 is the latest release of

My advise is, be sure you’ll find the on-line forum or on-line board that fits your lifestyle. I personally like phpbb, maybe you’ll too. I mean there are a lot of boards out there, and I hope you can find the one that suites you.

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