Difference between Friendster and Myspace

Published February 13, 2008

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These are 2 of the famous social sites. Friendster started as beta way back in 2003 or 2004 where I first joined the social site. On the other hand, I joined Myspace the same year when spam comments are rampant.

But what is the difference between the 2 social sites anyway? I both canceled my account a long time ago and signed up in 2007. Here’s the chance I can review these 2 social sites.


Friendster is nice a long time ago except now where they’ve got groups, fan profiles and etc. There’s an advantage of Friendster and that’s being famous but I have a lot of downside of that site. First of all, there’s a chance it lags. I mean, the page keeps refreshing and refreshing up to eterntiy. I encountered that when I was in dial-up. Or shall I address that as a bug. Next is its discussion page. I’ve been wondering if you can delete threads made on the discussion page. The outdated threads, the junk threads, etc. Friendster never cleaned the discussion page. Should they be concerned about their disk space or are they just plain ignore the problem. Another on the discussion page is the “flood post trigger” and “report to webmaster”. This is what I address as a long term bug. If you can’t cope up with the timer, you will be triggered as flooding. To my point of view, there’s this what I call as “grace period” on posting. If you abuse the “grace period”, that bug occurs. Penalizing you with a flood post trigger of 150 seconds or more. Damn that bug. The bulletin board is also a problem. They don’t auto-clean that board. Leaving it with 312 pages of outdated entries or others, empty. When they add new features, they don’t announce it publicly. Unlike MySpace, Friendster rely on their blog. Recently, Friendster improved their site with a new public photo viewing but the upgrade of apps is a pain. Firefox hangs or lags, I need proper plugin, etc.


Myspace, on the other hand, has improved since I left. They do act on user feedback. When there’s a bug, Tom posts it publicly as announcement. That was a great feature since we don’t know what’s going on. Spam comments has declined since I left. Whenever you leave a comment, you need to enter the captcha code to verify if you’re human. New skins on your homepage leaving you to choose between classic and modern skins. Auto-clean of bulletin board every 10 days. I’ve never encountered posting on groups but I’ll try that sometime. A very good work of MySpace leaving me to maintain my account longer. Another feature is you can convert your entire profile into a flash profile. Thanks to Lovemyflash.com, flash profile is possible.

That’s leaves you what social site you want to vote on. Beside the 2, there are a lot of social site available. Just pick the one that suites you best.

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