Microsoft Office 2003 activation story

Published September 14, 2007

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Welcome hoop fans to another entry of Mindless Soul. The topic today is about the Microsoft Office 2003 story and here we go.

It started when my mom asked me some help because she can’t encode or edit her work. She told me that all her colleagues can’t get the office running so it’s up to me to do it. I started with a virus scan but luckily, the scanner didn’t display any problems with viruses. Next is I tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it but sad to say, the problem still persist. What option left is calling through the telephone. My mom checked the phone to see if we can call and we can. I dialed the number shown on the screen. A voice confirmation told me that I should enter the Installation ID. I entered it all then I heard a voice saying “The product has been activated on another computer. If the confirmation is wrong, press 1 and you will be transferred to a costumer service agent.” I pressed 1 and I was transferred to a costumer service agent. I was a girl and she asked for my name. Then I provided the 1st Installation ID. Then she asked me if it’s my first time to activate the product then I yes. She told me to enter the Confirmation ID. I asked her if I would write it but she told me that it’s a 1 time confirmation. I wrote everything down. She told me if I need any assistance and I said no. I was transferred to a rating and I rate it. After that the call ended.

It was my first time to do that and I was nervous. Talking to a costumer service agent of Microsoft Inc. Wow. So much for a first timer.

That was all hoop fans. Hope to see you next time to another entry in Mindless Soul. Until next time hoop fans and don’t forget to visit this. Thank you and good day.

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